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The Lord’s Place is THRILLED to announce that the 10th Annual SleepOut, held Friday, resulted in donations to date of more than $750,000!

How did this happen?

First, the groundswell of support from the public and our faithful sponsors, led to an amazing challenge grant promising to match SleepOut contributions up to $100,000 if we met our $300,000 goal. We made the goal — thanks to the contribution small and large of every single SleepOut supporter.

Then, to the amazement of us all, at the beginning of the SleepOut program, the Honorable Ann and Don Brown announced that
 they would match the SleepOut goal of $300,000!
Such generosity is astounding.

We are so grateful to the Browns and to our anonymous $100,000 donor and to all SleepOut supporters.

Your generosity will help us further the mission of The Lord’s Place to break the cycle of homelessness by continuing to humbly serve our clients.





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Community with a capital “C” is important to me.  A society cannot function well if the least advantaged in its communities are without hope.  Strong communities are hopeful ones where every member has a sense of worth and personal promise. If we allow our communities to accept homelessness as a necessary fact of life, then we are giving up on the very essence of what makes a society great and abandoning those most in need to lives of despair.   

The Lord’s Place is committed to building hopeful communities at their most local level.  By providing shelter, valuable job skills and peer-to-peer support, The Lord’s Place seeks to attack one of the worse symptoms of poverty.  Fortunately, I have found among the staff and board of TLP a group of individuals who are single-mindedly focused on breaking the cycle of homelessness.  We share a concern and passion to serve others who are without access to the avenues that make life meaningful.  From Diana Stanley, our CEO and Daniel Gibson, our program director to those who greet our clients at the front door or work on our campuses or those who volunteer their time and talents, each member of The Lord’s Place shares a concern and passion for helping those in need.  I think we all realize that if we have the good fortune to make a difference, then we should. It is the restoration of hope that makes us strong again and it is that look in the eyes of our clients that is so rewarding and promising for our community and for me personally.  

Cornie Thornburgh

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Success measures

  •      139 Is the number of people not arrested as a result of housing programs at The Lord’s Place.
  •      $3,697,400 Is the savings to the community in reduced jail stays.
  •      $10,907 Is the savings in reduced jail stays per person served.



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